Models Direct’s Top Spring Fashion Trends for Women

Models Direct’s Top Spring Fashion Trends for Women

Article by Suzy O’Connor


Are you already fretting about your spring wardrobe? Or just eager to start buying some cheerful clothes for the warmer weather? Models Direct advises on how to dress for spring chic in 2010 with five top fashion trends. 

• If you’re feeling bold and want to make a statement mix and match colourful prints. Just don’t go too extreme as you run the risk of looking ridiculous! If you don’t want to mix prints then take inspiration from numerous designers and mix patterned trousers, in a skinny, free-flowing or harem fit, with a plain top. Patterned trousers are obviously going to draw attention to your lower half, so avoid the skinny fit if your legs aren’t your best feature.

• If you’re more comfortable in a pair of jeans than a posh frock you’ll be pleased to hear that denim will be in for spring 2010. If you’ve taken on board the distressed denim trend of this autumn you can rejuvenate your faithful, comfortable, worn-in jeans and patch up the rips and tears to stay ahead of the high street.

• One of the must-have pieces of autumn 2009 will still be going strong in the spring: the boyfriend blazer. Perfect for when the days start to warm up again, the boyfriend blazer is really simple to wear and easily adaptable. As with any boyfriend trend the blazer needs to look like you’ve borrowed it from your boyfriend so wear them oversized and roll up the sleeves. There are plenty around on the high street for a snippet of the designer prices – and those with blazer-wearing boyfriends can simply steal theirs!

• It seems designers want you to show off as much skin as possible next spring and summer with sheer fabrics, hot pants, cut-outs and high dress splits, not to mention the continuing ‘underwear as outerwear’ trend. There is an alternative to baring your flesh though: nude tones.

• For make up, red lips will still be popular in the spring as long as the eye make up is kept light. If you’re not a fan of bold lips you could go in the opposite direction with dark shimmery eyes and pale lips. If you’re feeling brave you could experiment with some retro neon shades.

There’s plenty of inspiration in the spring/summer 2010 collections and of course that includes some that Models Direct are hoping won’t catch on, mainly clogs (as seen from Chanel) and anything that involves clear plastic!

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