Cleanliness and Contact Lens Usage

You need to be incredibly careful when you handle contact lenses because they come in direct contact with the surface of your eyeballs. Cleanliness is one of the most important things to be aware if you want to avoid infections and damaged lenses. As fragile as the lenses are, keeping them clean can be accomplished by developing some simple habits.

Preventing Eye Infections

As a good rule of thumb, clean your hands before you put your fingers near your eyes. The nature of contact lens usage requires you to regularly touch the lens and eye to put the contacts in, adjust them, and eventually remove them. You can end up touching your eyes a handful of times throughout the day and it only takes one dirty finger to get unwanted dirt particles on or under the cheapest contact lenses.

Lather up your hands with soap and wash them with warm water to wash off as much accumulated dirt as possible. Even if your hands look clean they can be covered in particles that are too small for the human eye to detect.

Deform the Lenses

Another way you can damage your contact lenses is by accidentally scratching them. Prescription contact lenses from are designed to work well throughout at least one day of use but they are still made out of very fragile silicone hydrogel. As such, it would not take much pressure to accidentally bend or scratch a lens. Keep your fingernails at a short length to avoid scratching and to reduce the chances of introducing dirt from underneath them.