Five Fragrance Suggestions for Classy Ladies

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The right fragrance can provide a well-dressed woman with an aura of elegance and femininity. Here are a few that might give you that extra glamour.

Burberry My Burberry Black

This is one fragrance you can’t accuse of being too bland. From its warm and musky character to its strong, long-lasting performance, find out why My Burberry Black is a crowd-pleaser among women.

Burberry Her Blossom

Burberry has released contrasting styles of women’s fragrances from the rich, musky scent of My Burberry Black to the floral, relaxing tones of Her Blossom. Where Black was dashing and bold, Her Blossom is welcoming and feminine.

Oscar de la Renta Bella Essence

The bottle for the Bella Essence fragrance is flashy and luxurious, while the fragrance it contains is very sweet, floral, and fruity. If you’re looking for a unique, delectable scent that will make the world feel bright, give this one a try.

Versace Bright Crystal

Versace’s luxurious Bright Crystal is a soft, but balanced fragrance with a mix of sweet and woody elements. Despite its flashy exterior, this is a reliable, versatile fragrance that won’t be too in-your-face if you wear it every day.

Dior J’adore

Dior’s J’adore aims to be as adventurous as its Greek-inspired fragrance bottle. Its use of well-blended exotic flower scents projects an elegant, mature atmosphere that suggests sophistication.

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