The Different Forms of Lenses

While all prescription contact lenses are designed to improve your vision to a perfect level, not all contacts are the same. Lens manufacturers create different kinds of contacts to fit people’s vision needs and lifestyles. What may work for one person may not be what you want. One of the big determining factors that goes into deciding which lens is best for you is to figure out how long you want to use them for. Most contact lenses are designed to only be used for a day or to be reused for up to a month.

Daily Use

The first category of lenses is daily use. These lenses, as the name would suggest, are designed to be used for only one day. From the moment you unpackage these lenses, you have around 24 hours to use them before you must dispose of them. Daily lenses are useful for people who may not need contacts for the entire day. Rather than worrying about a case for your lenses and contact solution, you can simply toss them in the trash when you are done.

Extended Use

The other popular kind of contacts are those that have extended use. offers lenses that can be used for up to a month after they have been opened. Being able to reuse lenses comes with its own set of responsibilities. For instance, in order to keep the lenses fresh and safe to use, you need to store them in lens cases after each use.