Men’s Facial hair Trends

Fashion-forward men across the country are abandoning their razor for the bearded look, says Dev Randhawa. Today’s facial hair trend is not your Dad’s look. Modern men are much savvier when it comes to facial hair. They realize that one look does not fit all. Therefore, they adopt a trendy look that looks good on them.

Trim Beards

The scruffy mountain man beard is out. The unkempt hippie beard is also out. Younger men are attracted to the new trim beard look that is properly groomed and looks appropriate in the boardroom or out on the town. This is a trend that has been building up steam for the last few years. Popular trends include the Circle Beard, the Balboa, and the Extended Goatee.


It’s also important to note that a growing number of men are still clinging to their love for the mustache. Trends are blooming all over for the slight mustache that sprinkles a few hairs on the upper lip to the full-blown handlebar mustache that your great-grandfather would have been proud to wear.

The enormous growth in facial hair trends for men is driving business up for products that cater to grooming beards and the mustache. This seems quite appropriate because the average guy is really involved with grooming and keeping their beard soft and feeling comfortable on their face. It’s a winning trend for companies producing the products and the men that wear the products.