“Fast Fashions”

The advancement in technology is bringing fast fashions to the market more frequent than any other time in the history. One can view a product on YouTube and wear it within few days. This is true for the designers. Due to technological advances, designers can design a product, manufacture it and have it available on shelves within less than two weeks.

Mass market labels such as Forever 21, H&M, Unoqlo and Zara are taking advantage of the advances in technology to get trendy and in demand products to the market quickly. This quick turnaround allows less inventory at all levels, more quick fashion releases and more profits for the labels.

Fast Fashions do require lower prices and due to quick product turnaround, fashion conscious buyer wares them only once or twice. This has unintended consequences. More material consumption, more chemicals use, and more waste generation. In order to make a product available within a short period of time, there are also harmful health consequences to employees who work at factories. A recent report indicates that 284 workers in a Cambodian factory that make cloths for a Swedish company fell ill due to a bad smell came from a shirt production.