Armani Jeans 2009 Spring Summer Women’s Series

Armani Jeans 2009 Spring Summer Women’s Series


This season series with colorful interesting command, warm portrayal of life of fun, dress up a pair of jeans, filled with vitality Tiao off the design a little banter, it can only be projected Armani Jeans attraction. Armani Jeans Spring Summer Women were divided into six groups, the image not the same, but the unique temperament is similar to Armani.


This set of basic clothing advertised leisurely, vibrant attitude, was dedicated to modern women, with the mood and occasion with the Meaningful classic mixed, wear clothing with a natural and unrestrained. Models include the simple dark-colored painted side jeans, bleached indigo jeans, elastic jeans, lined with high-tech nylon or matte washing lambskin coat, all through the washing and processing, create a poplin fabric or flexible textured embossing effect. Tone classic mainly include navy blue, tomato red, beige, white and noble fading light gray, in addition to gray-green flashing, flashing silver or Ai white, like the bright colors most suitable for further emphasis on practical woman.

Ethno Chic

This group of street fashion for a variety of urban beauty of human life as such, cut slim and slender, idle air Niaorao, brightly colored and bright colors, it is elated, including pink, garnet red, sky blue, and honey blue. Combined with a variety of young strap coveralls skirts and dripping shirts of Morocco wide lightweight and easy freehand little knickerbockers, in addition to close to gestures and delicate and elegant style exist side by side, material selection flexibility in a gradual color or gray vintage denim, light such as feather yarn polyester cotton plain knitted fabric and light cool, non-smooth finishes and pit pattern woven texture ready.


The preparation of a fresh approach romantic poetry in general, images ranging from Midnight Cowboy and the seventies in San Francisco folk fashion between the color subjects found in nature: sand yellow, lime, navy, crystal blue, pink, white and mouth-watering banana Huang and wild MEI. This set of styles, including close clever tailoring jeans, to tear, and darn effective embellishment, and another light as nothing of the wool, silk and cashmere design, decorated with needle puncture step. Antique flavor cotton plain knitted fabric and faded denim, which are equipped with lightweight, flexible version of the. Accessories optional mini-bullet with a decorative bags, handbags and shopping bags, all gray stone and even tidal debut.


Simple lines highlight the tough image of the honest woman, wholesale Armani Jeans intractable flavor, color to color-led: white, rice, navy blue and black, plus bright red spots or fluorescent blue costume, red and blue striped constitute a sophisticated and lively pattern decoration, than the Kennedy pleated pants and shorts beam to bring brand-new look.


Faint gray tone baby blue and pink smoke integration, sand yellow and black, with a group of tailoring its spacious and comfortable style Tianzaodeshe, Zhan hair noble charm: the wind flowing jackets and vests jackets, pleated material slightly smaller bundles, or wavy pattern, there is bright light cotton slip, feeling bright and clean, matching a variety of light fade tune Gone with the Wind to send graceful tenderness.


This summer, so charming colors of light and shadow to create the most exciting beauty. This set of design includes big round feet dresses, material selection of cotton / voile, cotton / silk, raw silk, satin, embroidery, bead and pure hemp, combination brick red, orange, pink and peach pomegranate sun such as colors, decorated with touch of Indigo and digital printing pattern, dazzling.